Infant car seat safety check

Newborn Carseat Install

Do not use any aftermarket accessories, such as mirrors and metal roller shades, and secure loose items such as purses, briefcases, toys and umbrellas, because these items could cause injury in a crash or sudden stop. Forward-facing seats include an internal harness system that keeps a child properly restrained and snug straps that limit forward motion.

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Out-of-position lap belts can cause serious injuries to the liver, spleen or intestines. When a child can sit with his or her back straight against the vehicle seat back cushion and knees bent over the seat edge without slouching, it is time to switch to an adult safety belt. Browse our list of answers to frequently asked questions about car seats. AAA began providing emergency roadside assistance in , using a fleet of motorcycles to aid stranded motorists. Read more valuable information on teen driver safety.

It is an extension of AAA's long history of public service and provides a look into important safety, consumer, automotive and travel issues. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Attend a safety event sponsored by a Safe Kids Coalition in your area. Safe Kids coalitions lead their communities in reducing child injury and host more than 8, free car seat inspection events across the country.

Our trained technicians will teach you everything you need to know to make sure your car seat is installed and used correctly. Simply fill in the online form and search by location, language or special needs training.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a directory of many inspection stations. They're trained to teach you.

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Many CPS technicians and their agencies require appointments several weeks in advance. If your child is already born, know your child's weight and height, and bring your child with you. If possible, also bring another adult to help watch the child while you are learning. Install the seat in your vehicle before your car seat checkup appointment.

Why the Right Safety Restraint Is Important

This one-on-one education typically takes minutes, depending on your car seat and vehicle. The technician will take all the time you need until you feel comfortable that your car seat is used and installed correctly. During the checkup, a CPS Technician will: Fill out a form to note a variety of information, including the car seat type, location in vehicle and misuse observations, if any. Ensure that an appropriate seating position in the vehicle is being used.

Car Seat Safety Guidelines for Newborn Babies and Infants - Missouri Baptist Baby

Check the car seat for recalls, visible damage and an expiration date. Discuss the next steps for each child, such as when to graduate to the next type of car seat. Discuss the benefits of everyone riding properly buckled in, including all adults. Discuss safety in and around the vehicle.

infant car seat safety check Infant car seat safety check
infant car seat safety check Infant car seat safety check
infant car seat safety check Infant car seat safety check
infant car seat safety check Infant car seat safety check
infant car seat safety check Infant car seat safety check

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