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Núpsvötn Car Accident Among Worst in Icelandic History

He also sent out a desperate plea to get the interstate shut down immediately northbound and southbound, but he emphasized southbound. That's were the most serious wrecks were. Becky Isbill was in one of those accidents. She was able to stop in timeher instincts told her to get out of the car quickly and it was a good thing she did.

10 Worst Car Accidents in NASCAR History

A car that could not stop in time, sideswiped her vehicle and skidded into the back of a wrecked wheeler. All of a sudden, another wheeler, tires squealing, slams into the back of the car. The two people in that car died. Clean-up took a couple of days.

Worst Vehicle Pileup Accidents in Southern California History

The deceased removed A huge section of the interstate had to be completely rebuilt, from the ground up. Soon afterward, the Tennessee Department of Transportation installed a fog detection system, that once activated, alerted drivers with warning signs, flashing lights and lowered speed limits.

The instances of crashes in northern Bradley County and McMinn County dramatically decreased over the years as drivers paid attention to the warnings. The detection system operates to this day, and was recently modified with high-definition, swivel cameras that can rotate degrees with zoom capability. They just don't know what might up right in front of them that they can't stop for.

There's even been talk of equipping all new vehicles with standard equipment that automatically brakes the car if it detects a stationary object in the fog ahead of it that the driver cannot see yet. Some vehicles have that technology right now.

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The I fog zone accident still ranks as the worst traffic accident in Tennessee history. The federal government ranks it in the top 5 worst traffic accidents of all time in the United States. The fog put us in a circumstance where all of our lives changed.

At the Exit 36 off-ramp, he saw a sight that would change his life forever. Survivors say that it sounded like endless bombs and gunshots going off as one car after another plowed into the mess. Tennessee has since installed and improved fog its warning system with fog sensors that can change the read-out on highway signs to alert motorists and also close on-ramps to prevent pile-ups.

Reflective markers and flashing lights were also installed to help guide the cars stuck during foggy conditions.

Most Shocking Accidents Brutal Car Crash Compilation 18+ 2017 Car Crashes very shock dash camera

As traffic increased with travelers returning home after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, winds along I-5 in California reached 40 miles an hour. The usually lush farmlands had been left unplanted due to a severe drought. The wind whipped up a fierce dust storm that severely reduced visibility. This all led to a pileup of vehicles, including four tractor trailers, along a one-mile stretch of highway. After hours of rescue efforts in the continuing dust storm, 17 people had died and were seriously injured.

The pileup led to thousands more being trapped in their cars for another day while road crews cleared the wreckage and worked to re-open the highway. A lone driver in a Dodge Viper was pushing MPH on the Highway just outside of Markham, when he lost control on the last stretch and flipped a few times. Eventually, the car slammed sideways into a pole, resulting in deadly injuries.

The Fresno highway pileup has been called as one of the largest collections of deadly car crashes in the history of the U. More than cars and trucks crashed on a fog-shrouded freeway Saturday, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more, the California Highway Patrol said. When questioned, firefighters who arrived on the scene stated that they could still hear cars crashing into one another after they got there — a brutal domino effect.

On the morning of September 3, , a heavy fog rolled onto Highway , east of Windsor. The pile-up that followed involved 87 vehicles. Eight people were killed and 45 injured in what is recognized as the largest pileup in Canadian history.

Worst Car Accidents in History [Updated ] - Auto Accident Facts

Ice and snowy conditions resulted in a minimum of 20 automobile accidents in one night in Washington County, Maryland. Among these, the worst was a pileup involving seven tractor trailers and 35 cars. Stefan Eriksson, the former head of Gizmondo, a handheld gaming device, crashed his Enzo in Malibu going miles an hour down the Pacific Coast highway.

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Thanks to the accident, his car split in half against a lamppost. The most amazing fact remains that he walked away from the crash, accused of lying to try and cover his story.

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The crash sparked an international investigation that sent him to jail for 18 months. You can read more about the mishap in this article. That impact alone was enough to tear his car in half, but he was unfortunate enough to have another car crash into him, barely missing his exposed body.

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