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Isn't that fair? Her email address is [removed].

How To Delete Gmail, Orkut, And Other Google Accounts Permanently

If you'd like to send out invitations, I can add your email address here. I receive a minimum of 10 requests per week and it is a pain in the ass. Given all of my responsibilities I have decided that this is not a wise use of my time. I suggest you find some bloggers that work for google and ask them. Then, maybe they'll eliminate this stupid invite-only policy. So, I finally received an invitation to orkut.

Thanks Merrick. It was actually the 3rd one. I know I should clean it out, but its low on the priority list since I only use that for friend's and networking online, not any urgent business, which I transfer over to my WhizSpark account. And I have a gmail account too now, since I was previously a heavy blogger user. I initially was pissed that I had to beg people to send me an invite. I had a few people that I talk with online, pretty much ignore me. Which is no big deal. I am used to the blog rejection. However, It still doesn't sit well with me that it is an invite only network.

I think this is going to be a trend that we see, especially from google that: you have to qualify to try out their services when they are new. From a marketing perspective it is pretty smart. Everyone wants to be one of the "lucky ones" to try it first. The people that try it first want to tell the whole world about it because then they'll get the glory. At the same time they are telling the world about it, they have to be thorough in their review, so they are in effect, giving google all the feedback they could ever hope for for free from the early adopters.

Therefore, it is pretty damn smart from a product design and improvement perspective too. It is also good from a scalability issue.

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Having launched a social networking site on MS technology , we have the thorny issue of how many servers to buy and when. Although, google doesn't have the same issue because of their massive scalable infrastructure that they may be using for orkut, which is built on ms's asp. However, I don't like that someone has to deem me worthy to be invited into the network. I know that eventually, that'll cover everyone cause we are all only separated by a few steps, but It isn't very democratic.

Growing up, I think we've all encountered groups that weren't very inclusive. I think the web has a chance to change that - breaking down barriers - destroying cliques - being friendly - letting people control their own destiny. I may be getting a little philosophical here and the powers that be at google may have not even thought of this issue. But they may have, and instead, weighed the marketing and technical benefits over the benefits of being democratic.

ACCESS YAHOO,GMAIL,ORKUT - Internet hacking tips & Tricks

I thought of also creating a gmail account and publishing the id and pwd so that anyone could play around with it, but it was after I chose the handle that I wanted. And I don't want to risk losing that one. Unfortunately, I can't create another gmail account from my blogger invitation. Posted at AM Permalink. Posted by: Ron May 03, at AM. Posted by: D May 03, at PM. I am recommending that someone who needs some side cash, follow this scheme. Then there'll be gmail accounts for everyone.

Orkut albums are also available to the public, but they can be kept private. If you have uploaded your pictures in these albums you must block strangers from viewing them. The Scrapbook is where your friends write for you. This too is available to public viewing.

Connecting You to Success

All sorts of nonsense goes on here. Hide your scrapbook from strangers and allow only friends to write in your Scrapbook. So how do you block others from viewing your stuff? Most kids do not know this and are thus vulnerable.

Under your picture in the first column you will find Settings. Click on it. There will be a Privacy tab. If you are ever a victim of a fake profile go to the bottom of the page and click on Safety Centre. This will take you to a Report Abuse wizard. But let me warn you that Google is notoriously slow in acting. Despite this you must report the abuse and then file an FIR. Fill in the form, which comprises your name, email address, the name of the fake Orkut profile and several other mandatory fields. Google promises to act in three working days, but here too it takes time.

My advice to you is to dump Orkut and join Facebook or Hi5. They are much more fun and no nonsense goes on there. Believe me, it will prevent any possibility of heartaches in future. Send in your computer-related problems to askdoss abpmail. What I have to do? I want to create my user id in orkut but how.

You don't need to make any seperate ID for orkut. Orkut is an online community from Google. Simply go to Orlut Page and sign in with your Gmail address.

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Once you sign in, you can create your profile there and Orkut will also find you all the people you know, by their E-mail address, whether they are using Orkut or not. You can add different applications and leave messges to people in same way we leave messages at shoutbox here at Blurtit. I want to create new orkut id but ho can I make it. Ricky neck answered. Open internet explorer and type www. After open orkut web page, you should click on signup option or join now.


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Fill the options correctly. I want to create my email id in orkut how can I create. To have an orkut account,first you should have an registered e-mail id and some friend of yours who has an orkut account should send you a request to your e-mail id if you accept it. Your orkut account will be created. My friends are on orkut so want to create id. I want to create an e-mail ID in orkut.

Find gmail id from orkut
Find gmail id from orkut
Find gmail id from orkut
Find gmail id from orkut
Find gmail id from orkut
Find gmail id from orkut

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