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Davis of Galesburg died on November 5, He was born July 14, in Newton, Kansas. He married Norma G. Glass in She survives him along with three daughters, two grandchildren, and two great granddaughters.

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In The family is being served by Lincoln Land Cremation Society. Larry A. Hurley Funeral Home in Petersburg, is in charge of arrangements. Hazel Kozak Mt. Sterling, IL - Hazel Kozak, 96, passed away at a. The Hendricker Funeral Home in Mt. Sterling, IL, is in charge of arrangements. She married Lowell Sutton Memorial Home in Taylorville, is in charge of arrangements. Dolores Alice "Sunny" Owensby Groesch. She was 88 years old. Sterling, IL, passed away at p. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Stu and Nancy Sandidge, and a For more information about this project visit this link at the Coal City Public Library site.

This collection includes company newsletters, catalogs, and photographs. Most of the collection is from the s and s. Digitization of this collection was funded in part by a grant from the Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board. The scope of this project covers approximately sixteen years, an estimated 7, pages, of early 20th century local newspapers that are currently on microfilm. These newspapers contain a wealth of local history information on businesses, individuals and events that is not available elsewhere.

Gilbert I. He was an early student of the community college movement and actively involved in creating the Illinois system. Renner maintained a personal collection of correspondence and other documents which reflect the deliberations and creativity that contributed to this formative period in the development of this highly-regarded system. His son, Richard Renner, a consultant to the grant, has agreed to provide access to this collection.

Through digitizing, creating metadata, and uploading these documents, ECC archives staff will provide a valuable primary resource to those who are conducting research on higher education in Illinois. Also we are going to scan the old official minutes of district that are not born digitally. The collection of early 20th century home, school and working life includes a complete blacksmithing shop and one-room schoolhouse.

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At this time, Illinois had no arms nor an effective militia force. Governor Richard Yates called a special session of the General Assembly to provide for the organization of six regiments - the Illinois quota under the President's order. By October of that year Illinois had forty-three regiments in service.

From April 17, to April 30, Illinois furnished , men who served during the war. By the end of the war, 35, Illinois men died fighting to preserve the Union. Walton, Illinois State Historian, pp. It is a nationally recognized source for information about Illinois' executive, judicial and legislative branches of government. Originating in as a privately published roster of legislators, the Blue Book has evolved into a historical publication complete with biographies, articles, illustrative photographs and helpful information for Illinois citizens.

Recent issues of the Blue Book also include lists of toll-free state telephone numbers and updated listings for Illinois news media - including contact information. It was adopted by the delegates to the convention, but never submitted to the people of Illinois. This first constitution put virtually unlimited power in the hands of the Legislature while effectively keeping it away from the people.

In , with an increase in the population, a movement began for calling a convention to "alter, amend, and revise" the constitution of The resulting constitution of was an improvement over the previous one, but still proved to be susceptible to abuses that encouraged greed of all kinds, which caused the Legislature to waste much time and attention, to the detriment of the public interest. The Legislature of submitted a proposal, to hold a third constitutional convention, to a vote of the people. This proposal was endorsed in the election of and the convention convened in Springfield on January 7, According to law, the delegates to the convention were required to take an oath to support the state constitution, before starting the business of the convention.

Unfortunately, the majority of the delegates not only refused to do this, but they assumed powers such as the right to interfere with military affairs - powers they did not have. This convention was soon termed a "high rolling convention", to the disgust of the people and their work was brought into disrepute.

Once the delegates became aware that the convention was being severely criticized, they began to make a great effort to create a constitution acceptable to the people. The constitution was overwhelmingly defeated in the popular vote and matters left as they were until after the war. Once the war was over and Reconstruction began, calls again began to be made for changes to the constitution.

This need for constitutional changes was primarily based on the continuing growth in both population and economic complexity of Illinois. Because of the widespread belief that changes in the state constitution would affect improvements in the performance of Illinois state government, the constitution of was approved by a large majority and went into effect on August 8, Until , Illinois had five state conventions for the purpose of creating a state constitution. Of these, the , , and conventions adopted constitutions that went into effect, while the proposed constitutions framed by the conventions of and were rejected.

Illinois government basically remained static from to The sixth constitutional convention, in , produced a new constitution which was approved by voters on December 15, This collection of full-text materials includes the text of all the Illinois constitutions.

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Providing access to this history memorializes the firefighters, increases awareness of their sacrifice, and supplies contemporary firefighters with valuable "lessons learned" from the various deaths. Roosevelt signed into law the Agricultural Adjustment Act. This law was originally administered by the U. Acquired on a county-by-county basis, this aerial photography was first used by the USDA to assess the nation's agricultural lands by estimating cropland acreages from measurements taken on the photographs.

This aerial photography is widely recognized in Illinois as a unique resource that represents the earliest photographic record of the cultural and physical landscape features of the entire state. It is intensively used by government agencies, surveyors, planners, consulting scientists and engineers, and other individuals for diverse purposes ranging from determination of past land uses to providing the basis for needs assessment studies in ecological restoration.

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In Illinois, this USDA photography between the years of , is estimated to be 33, photographs. When the original 9"x 9" and 7"x 9" cellulose nitrate film negatives for these photographs were deemed a fire hazard, they were transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration in the s and eventually destroyed, and high-quality photographic paper prints remain as the only physical record.

Public access and continual use of library print collections for several decades has resulted in a significant number of the photographs becoming defaced, faded, worn, or lost. The Illinois State Library ISL , the Illinois State Geological Survey ISGS , and other libraries have collaborated on scanning these photographs in order to complete a digital archive that will provide a comprehensive photographic record of the early twentieth century for the entire state.

Once a statewide digital archive is established, it will reduce and eventually eliminate the need for patrons to regularly handle the original paper prints.

Logan County, IL Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Furthermore, placing the digitized photographs on-line ensures the most widespread access to potential user groups and reduces the pressure on the print collections residing at libraries within the state. The program was initiated and is managed by the Illinois State Historical Society, whose mission is to "foster awareness, understanding, research, preservation and understanding of Illinois history.

The attractions included cattle, horses, and sheep venues, among displays of reapers, mowers, farming tools, and a variety of corn planters. On the third day, over 15, people attended. There were a total of entries in all areas.

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It settled permanently in Springfield in Even if your forebears is not referred to in a Court case, contemplate all of the other procedures that could have lead to him or her to appear in court records. What genealogical and historical societies, archives, museums, associations and libraries are available for Logan County, IL? What other genealogical resources are available in Logan County, IL?

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Some have free access some require a cost. This is simply a collection that has been gathered or submitted. I do not recommend or promote one genealogy site over another. Menu Search Navigation. Top Free Ancestry Databases U. Census U.

lincoln il newspapers and death records Lincoln il newspapers and death records
lincoln il newspapers and death records Lincoln il newspapers and death records
lincoln il newspapers and death records Lincoln il newspapers and death records
lincoln il newspapers and death records Lincoln il newspapers and death records
lincoln il newspapers and death records Lincoln il newspapers and death records
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lincoln il newspapers and death records Lincoln il newspapers and death records
lincoln il newspapers and death records Lincoln il newspapers and death records

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