How to search unlisted phone numbers

Thanks, B. Hi bcg, There has been much debate lately about the ability to search for someone's telephone number using Google.

Sometimes an unlisted number will turn up in a search, and people will get upset about that and claim that Google or the local telephone company is at fault. For any reason.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

That sounds pretty impractical, doesn't it? We make our unlisted numbers public ourselves in our daily business, and by doing so in our increasingly wired society, completely negate the benefits of having an unlisted number.

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We have only ourselves to blame. Let's have a look at what Snopes. Some classes of phone numbers, such as unpublished phone numbers i. The information displayed is compiled from a number of publicly accessible sources and is not unique to Google.

Find Unlisted Phone Number

There are many other web sources through which users can look up the same information. Google isn't the first or only service to offer telephone directory functionality. Only mostly, but I'll address that shortly. Let's assume for the moment that you haven't always maintained an unlisted number.

If your phone number was ever listed, and you only just recently within the past year asked for it to be unlisted, you're probably too late. Online directory services use somewhat outdated sources, anywhere from 6 - 18 months old, and they may only update once a year.

What is a Reverse Search?

Anyone who knows your name can look up your number and find it, even though it's unlisted now. What happens if someone has your previously listed telephone number, and wants to know who it belongs to? This can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to complete. Again, this is not the fault of the online directory services or even the phone companies. The online directories get their information from old public listings. Now let's assume that you've always maintained an unlisted number.

If you've always been unlisted, you won't show up in the Google Phone Book. You might show up in other places, though, if you've not been careful with your information. Online personals profiles, IM profiles, listing your phone number on your resume and posting your resume to Monster or any other job hunting service or on your web page.

Retailers who collect your personal information may list you in their databases, which may or may not be sold.


Ever list your phone number in an e-mail signature? In a Usenet posting? Have you ever given your telephone number to someone, and find now that you wish you hadn't? Google will find all of those things if the Googlebot has visited the relevant pages. Do you own a domain name? Domain name registrations are publicly available to anyone who wants to look.

All you have to do is feed the domain name in question to WHOIS to find out who owns the name and what their address and phone number are - even if their phone number is unlisted. Or yours if you have one. So how can you make sure your information never makes it to the 'Net?

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That includes sites like Monster. If you've ever placed a personals ad, posted your resume, or listed yourself in a "members directory", you need to edit all of that information. Years ago, when Usenet was still a baby, posts disappeared into the ether at expiration. Not so anymore, as Google owns a sizable archive that grows daily.

Twenty years of Usenet postings are available to search through. That's because cell phone numbers don't have their own central database, which makes it nearly impossible to identify a cell phone's owner using a free directory.

How to Put Your Cell Phone on an Unlisted Number List

The same is true for an unlisted phone number search. And because most free directories use the same database to perform their searches, trying more than one free directory is usually a waste of time. A fee-based site almost always offers better results at a surprisingly affordable price. By data mining millions of records from all over the United States, these fee-based sites provide up-to-date info on landlines, cell phones and unlisted phone numbers. For most people, the small fee charged by these sites for an unlisted phone number search is more than worth the peace of mind they provide.

Unlisted Phone Number Search. Example: An unlisted phone number search is often a last resort for people troubled by prank phone calls, or for those who would just like to know more about the person behind an unfamiliar phone number. Discover who's calling!

  • A cell phone number lookup has never been easy, but these tips help!
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Whether you're researching a phone bill, tracing an unwanted caller, or verifying an address, UnlistedPhoneNumberSearch.

How to search unlisted phone numbers
How to search unlisted phone numbers
How to search unlisted phone numbers
How to search unlisted phone numbers
How to search unlisted phone numbers
How to search unlisted phone numbers

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