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He also loved to dog mush and was very knowledgeable on reading the weather patterns. Herbert loved his subsistence way of life and was a top-notch expert on gathering plants and hunting animals. He spoke and understood various Eskimo dialects from around the region. Herbert often retold the story of the time he walked from Bethel to Unalakleet with his brother-in-law Clarence Towarak, Sr. They lived off of rice and pancakes and whatever the villages fed them. The purpose of their trip was to trap mink near Bethel.

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Many students sought to interview him about life, and he willingly obliged. He had humorous nicknames for everyone. When his boys were attending Covenant High, he was an avid 1 Wolverine fan. He took in many students while they were in attendance at both Covenant High and State School. He treated many dorm students as his own. Beginning in the late s, many showed up at his home to eat the Native food they craved.

Up to this day, they are still loyal for what he did for them. He also befriended families who lost their loved ones. He loved teaching his Native language to many. Herbert opened his house to everyone who needed a place to stay or to eat, even strangers. Lorena and Herbert were foster parents and adopted papa and tata to everyone.

She was raised by her grandmother Nellie Weyiouanna with the help of her aunts and uncles. Bertha and Harvey were married for 42 years. They also raised three of their grandchildren as their own. Bertha died February 27, surrounded by her loving family.

VOLUME CXI NO. 37 SEPTEMBER 15, Photo by Diana Haecker. Inuit Circumpolar Council meets in Nome

Bertha attended the Shishmaref School up to the eighth grade. She was so proud finishing a higher grade than her husband. Harvey Bertha Quituvituaq Pootoogooluk would make a grocery list then Bertha would look it over and tell him, Here let me write it; you don t know how to spell the words right, Then remind him that she went to school up to the eighth grade and they would laugh about it afterwards. Bertha worked on the first sandbag seawall in the mid s, as a maid for the Shishmaref Native Corporation Hotel, a janitor for the Shishmaref Clinic and as a cook at the school.

Bertha was well known for having strong faith in the Lord. She was often heard singing Gospel music and always listened to Gospel songs on the tape recorder. She would always bring the tape recorder when going out boating or camping. Bertha enjoyed making parka kuspuks, beading, sewing, mukluks, slippers, crocheting and making knitted socks for the whole family and friends.

Bertha also sewed horn dolls garments while Harvey carved the horn dolls.

Dorland's Dictionary Of Medical Acronyms And Abbreviations ...

They both enjoyed working together on the dolls they made. She was a traditional subsistence gatherer and provider and she was very happy to share with her family and friends. Bertha was always happy to go out on the boat in the springtime to follow her husband when he went hunting. She especially enjoyed ice fishing, egg hunting, crabbing, berry picking and camping with family and friends.

She was always willing to share her cooking, baking and Native foods that she prepared. She also made daily phone calls to her family to make sure that they were all right and always check up on her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Bertha was diagnosed with Parkinson s a couple of years ago, but it didn t stop her from doing the things she loved to do. Bertha s beautiful smile, laughter and stories will be greatly missed by her family and friends. Nora H. Douglas Our beloved Nora H. Douglas was born on Nov. She passed peacefully in her home at Nome. Nora attended Nome-Beltz High School In April , she married the late Clarence W. Douglas at a private ceremony in their home at Koyuk. Nora loved being out in the country when she was at home in Koyuk. She took every chance to gather greens, berries and fish when at home with family.

She took many people into her home when they were weatherbound in Nome.

She enjoyed their company and all the Native foods they brought to her, in return for her generosity, kindness and love for country food. All those she sheltered are sure to miss her, as her family will too. Nora called Ellen one day and she answered by saying Hi tomorrow, Nora angrily said, Real bugging. Nora made many attempts to come home for a visit but her answer was always Tomorrow.

Parents: Oscar Anasogak, Sr. Nora also leaves behind many nieces, nephews and friends from all around the Norton Sound.

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Douglas is preceded in death by her mother Sophie Henry, husband Clarence W. Douglas, Sr.

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Grandson Joshua Oliver. Era is a lifeline. They bring supplies and people to Stebbins, but they also offer the students their first exposure to life outside the village. That s huge. By working with Era to fly some of his students to athletic and academic events, Ed can think less about getting to activities on time and more about the Grizzlies bringing home a win. With flights to more than communities statewide, Era provides winning service for all corners of the state. Each flown segment earns 10 points. Ask your local Era Alaska agent for more details.


The National Park Service and the Institute of the North organized the event that has been in existence since The Bering Strait region and the Bering Land Bridge not only attract scientists but also became a symbol for renewed cooperation between the U. The conference brought together scholars from both countries, Native peoples, researchers and representatives of governments.

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