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The program will eliminate the need to transport prisoners outside for dental care. The Solutions Are Local. This article is the second of a three-part series that takes an in-depth look at the high incarceration rates — often for minor crimes — for people with mental illness. The paper has tracked jail deaths in the United States that have occurred since This segment looks at the ways some local jurisdictions are addressing the issue.

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Minnesota Prison Program Aims to Prepare Inmates for Solar Jobs Instructors from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association taught a total of 30 soon-to-be-released inmates in two sessions of a hour solar installer training course earlier this year. The Minnesota Department of Corrections does not yet know whether any of the men succeeded in finding jobs in this field after their release. Alcohol interlock devices can be a major deterrent against driving while intoxicated.

Jailed 'Iceman' Hacker Charged With Drone-smuggling Scheme Orchestrated From Behind Bars An incarcerated computer hacker serving in federal custody recently was indicted on new charges involving smuggling contraband into a correctional facility. Max Ray Vision has been charged with nine federal counts allegedly involving smuggled cellphones, stolen banking data and a consumer-grade drone. An assistant U. Department of Justice released a report on the successful test of cellular signal jamming technology in a Maryland prison.

This article looks at the pros and cons of allowing correctional agencies to implement use of that technology. All 10 detention officers on duty during each shift will wear the devices, with footage downloaded at the end of each shift. This article looks at how Bristol County, Mass. Using the video system allows the state to save on the cost of transporting an individual to a courtroom in a more distant location, thus saving resources and potentially increasing public safety.

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Sheriff Greg Zyburt says if something suspicious shows up on a scan, officers can then obtain a warrant and take the individual to a hospital for a cavity search. Rhode Island is the only state to screen every individual who comes into the correctional system for opioid use disorder, and to offer, in conjunction with counseling, all three types of drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat addiction methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone. How the suspect scores will help determine whether he or she remains behind bars on bond, or is let out of jail without having to post any bail after an initial court appearance.

The anklet will be used as a condition of bail or sentence for repeat offenders.

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Hawaii courts are notified through the anklet if a repeat drunken driver has been drinking. More Oklahomans Registering for Inmate Movement Alert System A program for Oklahoma residents who want to monitor inmate movement in the correctional system has more than doubled in new registrants in the past five years.

Two arrested in human trafficking case involving 15-year-old victim from Houston: BCSO

The Victim Information and Notification Everyday program provides free and anonymous online and mobile app services to notify people about inmate release dates, escapes, court dates and custody status. From September to August , the program received 96, new registrations. However, the number of state prisoners is expected to grow by 0. The regulation was in response to a new state law authorizing corrections officers to again use high-powered body scanners to spot nonmetal objects, such as ceramic knives, in the possession of inmates. Momentum for Prison Education This article discusses the advantages of college-level education programs in prisons, and the need for state and federal funding.

The report said 23, adults were incarcerated in state prisons last year, up 2. A federal grant to The Way Home, Inc.

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Inmates will receive six months of support prior to release, and up to 12 months of support services after their release from prison. Adults Is on Probation or Parole This article notes issues in probation and parole in the United States, progress made in addressing those problems and actions needed for further improvement.

Warden Margaret M. Chippendale worked with a dietitian to revise the menu and cut about 1, calories a day from inmate meals. The prison has replaced white bread with wheat, added fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese and yogurt, and serves drinks with less sugar. The incidents at the facility in Taft took place in a minute span. More than 5, individuals are unaccounted for, including two murderers and 29 sex offenders.

Approximately inmates met with representatives of 15 employers who are willing to give them a chance at employment after their release. Prisons to Screen Books The Pennsylvania Corrections Department says it will screen books donated to state prison inmates for drugs as part of its response to a sharp rise in the number of employees seeking medical care for suspected exposure to synthetic marijuana.

The agency told The Associated Press that donation groups will no longer ship books directly to inmates; the books will be examined by drug sniffing dogs at a central location before being given to prisoners. After a two-week lockdown that began in late August and changes to mail and visiting procedures, drug finds and positive results in random inmate drug tests are down by about half, and assaults and drug misconducts are also down, according to the department. Staff emergency room visits for suspected drug exposure fell from 48 in August to eight in September.

Vincent Schiraldi, a former city probation commissioner, testified before a state Assembly committee hearing on allowing adult use of marijuana and spoke on behalf of four other former probation commissioners. New York currently allows people to use marijuana for medical purposes. State lawmakers are considering fully legalizing the drug for recreational use.

Along with checks such as personal information and mugshots, staff will run prisoners through the biometric process again for release, double-checking that the right person is being freed from the facility. New Tech at the Montgomery County Jail Designed to Prevent Airborne Overdoses New technology that will shut off an air-handling valve and confine an airborne substance to a small area of the Montgomery County Ohio Jail should help to prevent inhalation sickness if an illicit substance goes airborne.

The jail opted to install the technology due to several incidents in nearby jails where a contraband substance got into the facility's ventilation system and made a large number of people sick. Officials Confirm Nearly 3, Florida Inmates Evacuated Because of Prison Damage Four days after Hurricane Michael made landfall, the Florida Department of Corrections has stated that four correctional facilities have been closed and nearly 3, inmates evacuated due to storm-related damage.

The Florida DOC opted not to evacuate the inmates ahead of the storm, but conditions including damaged roofs and lack of sanitation forced the closures. Burns, 33, of Springfield, Mo.

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Police say Burns made the video while on probation for violating a restraining order. Mississippi Starts Stress-Reduction Rooms for Prison Workers The Mississippi Department of Corrections has begun creating stress-reduction rooms for employees in response to complaints that staff feel overworked and underpaid. In an email, the Mississippi DOC described the quiet rooms as including such amenities as a massage chair, nature sounds and wellness reading materials. Some feel that the money would have been better spent on salary increases, however.

California to Offer Vegan Meal Option in Prisons California has become the first state in the nation to require all state residential facilities, including prisons, to offer vegan meal options. Crime and Nourishment — The Link Between Food and Offending Behaviour In this article, researchers present their findings about the poor nutritional quality of food served in correctional facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom, and the possible links between poor nutrition, and aggressive and impulsive behavior. Drug Treatment Programs and Jails Work Together to Help Inmates This article looks at how jails and treatment programs in Minnesota are cooperating to get recently released inmates into treatment programs. Return to Sender: No More Mailing Books to Inmates in Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is banning direct book donations to inmates as part of new restrictions to thwart contraband in prisons.

Previously, approved organizations could mail books or other publications directly to inmates. Now, the department is beginning a transition to ebooks to fight the flow of illegal drugs into facilities. The DOC also will no longer process inmate mail at correctional facilities; mail will go to a processing center where it will be opened, scanned, and emailed back to individual facilities to print and distribute.

The Virginia Department of Corrections had said the measures were needed to keep contraband from entering prisons. State Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran suspended the policy, saying a more thorough review is needed. The policy was criticized by the ACLU of Virginia, which argued that it could discourage visits from family and friends.

The family of Reagan Tokes had filed a lawsuit claiming that the Adult Parole Authority and its contractors should have realized the man was dangerous. Slint Kenneth Tate said he could not profit from the sales himself, but did it to help his friends make money and to occupy his time while in prison. Tate used contraband cell phones to run the operation. As California Ends Money Bail, Tech Startup Aims to Help People Make Their Court Dates As California moves to make significant changes in its bail system, more jurisdictions are relying on a start-up company that sends out reminders to individuals to show up for their hearings.

The system uses two-way communication so that if individuals have legitimate reasons for not making scheduled dates, they can request a postponement to a different date.

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Wyandotte County Detention Center in Kansas has been issuing tablets to inmates for more than a year than allow them to access educational programs to enable them to learn life skills and trades to help them get jobs once they leave prison. Firewalls prevent users from accessing the Internet. Prisons Face Officer Shortage, Court Order to Boost Numbers A lawsuit filed over prison health care has resulted in a court order requiring Alabama to nearly double staff in its correctional system. Federal Program for Offenders Returning to Society Yields Dramatic Drop in Recidivism Minnesota's month federal re-entry program, one of approximately 60 in the nation, is the only one that matches participants with mentors from the community.

The program has helped reduce the recidivism rate among Minnesota highest-risk offenders from 73 percent to 27 percent. Fentanyl Exposure at Ohio Prison Lands 27 Workers in the Hospital Staff members at an Ohio prison were hospitalized August 29 after being exposed to a mixture of heroin and the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Nurses and corrections officers were treated after responding to the cell of an inmate who began to exhibit signs of an opioid overdose.

The scanners are designed to look for contraband while inmates are being booked. The test is being conducted at the Lee Correctional Institution. Corrections officials are assessing the new technology with scientists and wireless industry representatives. The pilot program to allow use of the technology began at the beginning of this year. Currently, 23 inmates are using iPads to complete GED coursework.

alberta butler arrested in houston texas Alberta butler arrested in houston texas
alberta butler arrested in houston texas Alberta butler arrested in houston texas
alberta butler arrested in houston texas Alberta butler arrested in houston texas
alberta butler arrested in houston texas Alberta butler arrested in houston texas
alberta butler arrested in houston texas Alberta butler arrested in houston texas

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