What does good teaching look like

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1. They balance content delivery with developing learning skills

This post is by Carol Gerwin, writer and editor for Jobs for the Future. For all the talk of transforming high schools to meet the demands of the 21 st century, surprisingly little focuses on what many people call the most important factor: teaching.

So school leaders, researchers, and foundation folks got right to the point when they led a "Reimagining High Schools" discussion with education reporters in early May. In order to prepare every young person with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to succeed in college, careers, and civic life, we cannot aim merely to make everyone a good teacher, they said. We must rethink what it means to teach. But what does that "look like? Precisely what is it that effective teachers do in the classroom? For one thing, several speakers said, teachers can step back from their traditional role as "expert," or "sage on the stage," to become more of a facilitator, coach, and counselor, with students taking more of a central role in their learning.

25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

After setting up meaningful opportunities for students to apply what they learn, teachers can fade in and out of the background as needed, providing "scaffolding" to guide, support, and encourage. But those descriptions are still pretty vague, the reporters pointed out. Can you be more specific as to what it looks like to teach in this new way?

There is certainly no magic spell or scientific formula that teachers can use to create student-centered learning experiences, acknowledged Rebecca Wolfe, who directs the Students at the Center initiative at Jobs for the Future JFF.

Great Teachers, Great Teaching, Great Learning - Professor Graham Donaldson (Keynote)

But there are specific practices that teachers can try--practices that research has shown to lead to deeper learning outcomes for students regardless of family income, native language, race, ethnicity, or disability. JFF and our colleagues in the field have spent a great deal of time talking, thinking, and writing about student-centered approaches to teaching over the past few years. The lecturers' most frequent strategies for gaining time without compromising course objectives were:. Highly rated lecturers genuinely wanted students to learn, understand and develop critical thinking abilities, as well as master content or learn skills.

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They demonstrated an empathy with student thinking, anticipating misconceptions and allowing students to develop understanding in a variety of ways. They observed students in class for signs that they were failing to keep up, were bored, or were not understanding, and were flexible in responding to student needs.

They encouraged student feedback on their teaching, and often sought informal feedback during classes.

Characteristics of Effective Teachers

Outside class time, they made a point of being approachable and willing to help students. They tried to avoid "spoon-feeding" and encouraged students to take an active role in working through their difficulties, but would take time to work though concepts in detail with those who genuinely had difficulties. Highly rated lecturers showed enthusiasm for their subject, professional area and teaching role.

2. They develop strong instructional skills

Students found this motivating and commented that they looked forward to coming to classes. The most frequently mentioned personal attribute of the highly rated lecturers was their "easy going", "relaxed" or "open" manner, and the relaxed atmosphere that this brought to the classroom.

  • 2. They develop strong instructional skills.
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  • Students also appreciated appropriate humour and an attitude which suggested that learning was enjoyable. Highly rated lecturers saw their teaching role as vitally important They worked hard at making the most of their class contact time to maximise student learning and interest in the subject. While some felt that they were fortunate in having "natural" teaching ability, they all emphasised the considerable amount of time they had spent in lecture and resource preparation. Home Research and teaching Learning and teaching Enhancing learning and teaching Characteristics of good teaching.

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    Characteristics of good teaching. Teaching skills and practices The most frequent comment made by students in feedback on the qualities they value in teachers was that highly rated lecturers explained in a way which was clear and helped students to understand. Thoroughly explaining key concepts and examples in short lecture segments, and encouraging students to access texts and references for further details and multiple examples.

    What Does Good Teaching Look Like? - Teacher in a Strange Land - Education Week Teacher

    Confidence and enthusiasm enhance both of those teaching approaches, and if executed rightly, both can stimulate effective learning. I imagine this is a particularly challenging area for teachers, as with innovation comes risk, and student satisfaction does not necessarily increase after shifts in teaching paradigms. Only when there is an open discussion can both sides ensure their opinions are heard and acted upon. Balancing activities with content delivery, however, remains a considerable challenge. Dr Isla Myers-Smith and Dr Aidan Keane openly shared their passion for science and expressed a great interest in improving our learning experience — we were often asked for feedback, and we felt like our opinion really did matter.

    Conservation Science stands out among my degree courses because of the exciting science it taught me, but even more because of its fresh and engaging approach to teaching. Learning was not a one-way conversation, instead it was an exciting dialogue between teachers and students, and I felt very fortunate to participate in it.

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