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This mapping program was part of a larger research effort supporting the Office of Naval Research Ripples Directed-Research Initiative studies at Martha 's Vineyard Coastal Observatory designed to improve our understanding of coastal sediment-transport processes. The survey was conducted aboard the Megan T. Miller August , The study area covers 35 square kilometers from about 0.

These geophysical data will be used to provide initial conditions for wave and circulation modeling within the study area. This article argues that philosopher Martha Nussbaum's reflections on the role of the emotions in human flourishing can contribute in important ways to our understanding of the emotions in adult education contexts. The article summarises Nussbaum's exploration of the contributions of classical philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, and….

PubMed Central. Godleski, John J. Determining the health impacts of sources and components of fine particulate matter PM2. The set of papers published here document the power plant experiments.

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TERESA attempted to delineate health effects of primary particles, secondary aged particles, and mixtures of these with common atmospheric constituents. The emissions were aged and atmospherically transformed in a mobile laboratory simulating downwind power plant plume processing. Toxicological evaluations were carried out in laboratory rats exposed to different emission scenarios with extensive exposure characterization. Technical challenges included the development of stack sampling technology that prevented condensation of water vapor from the power plant exhaust during sampling and transfer, while minimizing losses of primary particles; development and optimization of a photochemical chamber to provide an aged aerosol for animal exposures; development and evaluation of a denuder system to remove excess gaseous components; and development of a mobile toxicology laboratory.

This paper provides an overview of the conceptual framework, design, and methods employed in the study.

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Ultrasound examinations represent one of the major diagnostic modalities of future healthcare. They are currently used to support medical space research but require a high skilled operator for both probe positioning on the patient's skin and image interpretation. TERESA is a tele-echography project that proposes a solution to bring astronauts and remotely located patients on ground quality ultrasound examinations despite the lack of a specialist at the location of the wanted medical act.

The purpose of this essay is to share Kan Koffi's ideas about scientific revolutions in the discipline of nursing. Koffi has proposed that the works of Florence Nightingale and Martha E. Rogers represent two scientific revolutions in nursing as a learned discipline. The outcome of these two scientific revolutions is a catalyst for critical disciplinary and paradigmatic debate about the universal conceptualization of nursing's distinctive professional and scientific knowledge. She entertains participants and attendees of a women's forum held in the center.

Effectiveness of incorporating citric acid in cassava starch edible coatings to preserve quality of Martha tomatoes.

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Tomato as an agricultural product is extremely perishable. Coatings of tomatoes with edible starch extend quality and storage life of the fruits. Incorporation of citric acid as antimicrobial agent in the edible starch coatings is expected to preserve the quality of tomatoes during storage. The aim of this study was to verify the effectiveness of citric acid incorporated in cassava starch coating to preserve quality of tomatoes. Tomatoes were dipped to the coating solution for 10 seconds, then air-dried and stored at room temperature during 18 days.

All the treatments were carried out in triplicates. The results showed that coating treatments did not affect the weight loss, moisture content, color characteristic, carotene and vitamin C content on Martha tomatoes. The low concentration of starch coating on Martha tomatoes are indicated to be the reason why there was no significant difference between coated and coated tomatoes for some parameters. However, incorporating citric acid in cassava starch-based coatings could prevent tomato fruits from firmness reduction and spoilage during storage.

The rail line extends between a point of connection with Union Pacific In this dissertation, I analyze the spiritual autobiographies of Teresa of Avila and Sarah Edwards through the methodological lenses of autobiography studies and cognitive linguistics in order to identify key narratives and metaphors for the spiritual life and explore the significance of the interpretation process for lived…. Psychoanalysis, religion and enculturation: reflections through the life of mother Teresa. This paper explores the question of whether psychoanalysis can help those who adhere to a worldview that is non-psychoanalytic or even anti-psychoanalytic.

It answers this question by comparing the psychoanalytic understanding of suffering with that of the Catholic faith, through the latter's idea of the 'dark night of the soul'. The life of Mother Teresa is taken as an illustration of the dark night and how it may be responded to by the faithful. Similarities and differences between the two approaches are pointed out. Finally, it is suggested that psychoanalytic perspectives may enrich the inner lives of those living by a religious worldview, without necessarily diluting that worldview. Further, religious counsellors too may benefit from an understanding of psychoanalytic perspectives.

Simulators offer a safe and economical alternative to actual flights to gather data, as well as being excellent facilities for pilot practice and training. The highly modified F airplane flew flights over a nine year period and demonstrated concepts that greatly increase fighter maneuverability.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume XVII Slice VII - Mars to Matteawan.

Among concepts proven in the aircraft is the use of paddles to direct jet engine exhaust in cases of extreme altitudes where conventional control surfaces lose effectiveness. Another concept, developed by NASA Langley Research Center, is a deployable wing-like surface installed on the nose of the aircraft for increased right and left yaw control on nose-high flight angles. The Toxicological Evaluation of Realistic Emissions Source Aerosols TERESA study was carried out at three US coal-fired power plants to investigate the potential toxicological effects of primary and photochemically aged secondary particles using in situ stack emissions.

The exposure system designed successfully simulated chemical reactions that power plant emissions undergo in a plume during transport from the stack to receptor areas e. The aged particle mass concentrations varied significantly from The mass concentration depended primarily on the ratio of SO2 to NOx particularly NO emissions, which was determined mainly by coal composition and emissions controls. Physical and chemical properties of aged particles appear to be influenced by coal type, emissions controls and the particular atmospheric scenarios employed.

Satellite remote sensing of ocean color allows for estimates of phytoplankton biomass on broad spatial and temporal scales. Recently, a variety of approaches have been offered for determining phytoplankton taxonomic composition or phytoplankton functional types PFTs from remote sensing reflectance.

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These bio-optical algorithms exploit spectral differences to discriminate waters dominated by different types of cells. However, the efficacy of these models remains difficult to constrain due to limited datasets for detailed validation. This site offers many methods for detailed validation of ocean color algorithms: an AERONET-OC above-water radiometry system provides sea-truth ocean color observations; time series of absorption and backscattering coefficients are measured; and phytoplankton composition is assessed with a combination of continuous in situ flow cytometry and intermittent discrete sampling for HPLC pigments.

Our analysis showed that even models originally parameterized for the Northwest Atlantic perform poorly in capturing the variability in relationships between optical properties and water constituents at coastal sites such as MVCO.

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We refined models with local parameterizations of variability in absorption and backscattering coefficients, and achieved much better agreement of modeled and observed relationships between predicted spectral reflectance, chlorophyll concentration, and indices of phytoplankton composition such as diatom dominance. Applying these refined models to satellite remote sensing imagery offers the possibility of describing large-scale variations in phytoplankton community structure both at MVCO and on the surrounding shelf over space and time.

Steep-sided, flat-floored linear valleys that lack well developed tributaries and end in amphitheater-like heads are eroded on the outwash plains of Cape Cod, Martha 's Vineyard and Nantucket Island. The valleys are restricted from the mid to the distal ends of the outwash plains and show no connection to possible water sources at the updip end of the plains. Their distribution and morphology lead us to propose that they were eroded by groundwater seeps fed by proglacial lakes the high hydrostatic heads of the lakes led to the elevation of the water table dammed by the outwash plains and associated moraines.

The valleys on Cape Cod were initiated by seeps along the foreset surfaces of sandy deltas emplaced in lakes in Nantucket Sound and Cape Cod Bay after these lakes drained. Those on Martha 's Vineyard and Nantucket islands were either eroded by seeps at the distal ends of outwash plain wedges emplaced atop the subareal continental shelf south of the islands or along the foreset surfaces of sandy deltas emplaced on a lake behind a peripheral crustal bulge south of the glacial front. Valley erosion terminated after the lakes were drained and the water table dropped.

In an effort to better understand the coastal processes responsible for the burial and exposure of small objects on the seafloor, the Office of Naval Research is sponsoring the Mine Burial Program. Among the field areas chosen for this program is the site of the Martha 's Vineyard Coastal Observatory MVCO , a permanent instrumented node in 12 m of water about m off the southern shore of Martha?

In support of the ONR program, several site surveys of the MVCO area have been conducted see Goff et al ; here we report the result of the most recent of these surveys, a very high-resolution multibeam survey aimed at establishing a detailed base map for the region and providing a baseline from which subsequent surveys can measure seafloor change In late July we conducted a five day survey of an approximately 3 x 5 km area surrounding the MVCO node using a Reson focused multibeam sonar aboard the SAIC survey vessel Ocean Explorer.

The is a newly developed multibeam sonar that operates at kHz and uses dynamic focusing to compensate for the curvature of the wavefront in the near-field. By using a relatively long array, the system can achieve very high spatial resolution 0. The real constraint on resolution using this system is the ability to position the soundings and thus three kinematic DGPS base stations were established on Martha? The kinematic GPS positioning is also critical to the ability to do repeat surveys with an accuracy high enough to resolve small less than 10 cm seafloor changes.

Also to aid in our ability to accurately position repeat surveys, divers jetted sonar reflectors into the seafloor to act as fiducials. A super high-resolution 4 m overlap survey was conducted in a small area surrounding the MVCO node and mine burial sites, a slightly lower resolution survey 12 to There are three coal-fired power plants in the TERESA program; this report describes the results of fieldwork conducted at the first plant, located in the Upper Midwest.

The project was technically challenging by virtue of its novel design and requirement for the development of new techniques. TERESA also involves assessment of actual plant emissions in a field setting--an important strength since it reduces the question of representativeness of emissions. A sampling system was developed and assembled to draw emissions from the stack; stack sampling conducted according to standard EPA protocol suggested that the sampled emissions are representative of those exiting the stack into the atmosphere.

Two mobile laboratories were then outfitted for the study: 1 a chemical laboratory in which the atmospheric aging was conducted and which housed the bulk of the analytical equipment; and 2 a toxicological laboratory, which contained animal caging and the exposure apparatus. Animal exposures were carried out from May-November to a number of simulated atmospheric scenarios. Toxicological endpoints included 1 pulmonary function and breathing pattern; 2 bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytological and biochemical analyses; 3 blood cytological analyses; 4 in vivo oxidative stress in heart and lung tissue; and 5 heart and lung histopathology.

Results indicated no differences between exposed and control animals in any of the endpoints examined. Exposure concentrations. This article examines an experimental kindergarten programme "Work in the Kindergarten: An Australian Programme based on the Life and Customs of the Australian Black" developed by Martha Simpson in early twentieth-century Australia.

Here Simpson adapted international Revisionist Froebelian approaches to cultural epoch theory and nature…. Martha Winstead v. Church of the New Family and Albert Smith. Prepared by the District of Columbia Street Law Project for its annual city-wide mock trial competition, this instructional handout provides material for the hearing of a custody dispute.

Martha Winstead petitions the court to order the Church of the New Family to turn over her year-old son, Jeremiah, to her and to allow her custody. Near surface offshore geophysical data allow sediment classification in coastal settings at high levels of spatial detail. Seafloor electromagnetic data provide estimates of near surface porosity at approximately 10m intervals along each tow-line. In addition, the area has undergone repeat surveys with high resolution acoustic backscatter and bathymetry. In some locations, the geophysical data has been groundtruthed by grab sampling and coring.

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  • We examine the spatial variability in near surface sediment properties on the basis of the geophysical data. The EM data are particularly well suited to constructing semi-variograms to display length scales of variability. Preliminary examination does not show any obvious correlation between the EM data and acoustic backscatter, however, further processing of the backscatter is being carried out and so this result is tentative.

    Determining the health impacts of different sources and components of fine particulate matter PM2. The TERESA Toxicological Evaluation of Realistic Emissions of Source Aerosols study focused on two PM sources - coal-fired power plants and mobile sources - and sought to investigate the toxicological effects of exposure to realistic emissions from these sources.

    The study involved withdrawal of emissions directly from power plant stacks, followed by aging and atmospheric transformation of emissions in a mobile laboratory in a manner that simulated downwind power plant plume processing. Extensive exposure characterization was carried out, including gas-phase and particulate species.

    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks
    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks
    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks
    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks
    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks
    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks
    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks
    martha s vineyard occasional residual checks Martha s vineyard occasional residual checks

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