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An Executor is the person responsible for dealing with the paperwork and carrying out the wishes specified in the Will. A Beneficiary is a person entitled to money, property or other assets of the person who has died. Yes, please send the documents with a covering letter asking us to return them by recorded delivery and we will do this. If you send us original documents, we recommend you use a secure service. These are different terms for the documents issued to give someone the legal right to deal with the savings, property and other assets of a person who has died.

When a person dies, you need to apply for the legal right to deal with their money. Here are some other sources of information and advice you might find helpful:. She made sure he had copies of her Medicare and other health insurance cards.

She added her son's name to her checking account and safe deposit box at the bank. Louise made sure Medicare and her doctor had written permission to talk with her son about her health and insurance claims. On the other hand, Ben always took care of family money matters, and he never talked about the details with Shirley.

No one but Ben knew that his life insurance policy was in a box in the closet or that the car title and deed to the house were filed in his desk drawer. Ben never expected that his wife would have to take over. His lack of planning has made a tough job even tougher for Shirley. The answer to this question may be different for every family. Remember, this is a starting place.

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Getting Your Affairs in Order

You may have other information to add. For example, if you have a pet, you will want to include the name and address of your veterinarian. Include complete information about:. There are many different types of legal documents that can help you plan how your affairs will be handled in the future. Many of these documents have names that sound alike, so make sure you are getting the documents you want. Ask NVC. Employment-Based Immigrant Visas.

Preparing and Organizing Legal Documents for the Future

Presidential Proclamation on Health Care. Important notice about Presidential Proclamation Due to processing changes, follow-to-join refugee cases processed by Department of State embassies and consulates will only be processed at embassies or consulates offering immigrant visa services, or U. This will mean that cases currently being processed at posts that only adjudicate nonimmigrant visa applications will be transferred and follow-to-join refugee beneficiaries may need to travel to another country in order to be interviewed.

If your case is being transferred, you will be notified by the Department of State. The list of U. For example, a follow-to-join refugee case arising in the consular district of the U. Embassy in Bamako, Mali, will now be processed at the U. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.


For a more complete list, you can visit Visa Issuing Posts in order to confirm whether an embassy or consulate nearest to your residence will process your follow-to-join refugee case. Please note that the change only impacts follow-to-join refugees. Follow-to-join asylees can still be processed at locations offering just NIV services. If you have not been issued a boarding foil, then your case file will be transferred to the regional processing location noted above or on the Visa Issuing Posts page.

What if I choose to have my case transferred to another location, since I am unable to travel to this NEW designated location?

How Joint Owners Can Transfer Survivorship Property After Death

Follow-to-join refugee beneficiaries may request to process their cases at another immigrant visa processing U. If you would like to have your case transferred to a different embassy, consulate, or USCIS international field office, then you must provide justification for the case transfer and show that you can legally be present in the country while your case is being processed. Embassy overseas? Yes, the results of a still valid medical exam completed in another location can be transferred to another embassy, consulate, or USCIS international field office. Welcome to the webpage dedicated to follow-to-join refugee and asylee processing.

Here's what happens with your stuff after you die

Find the subject in the list below and click to visit that section of the page. Ineligibilities - What if a Beneficiary is Ineligible? Fees Case Inquiries.

What ACTUALLY Happens in Witness Protection

NVC then forwards the case file to the overseas location where the beneficiary will interview. Embassy or Consulate overseas. During the interview process, the beneficiary must provide ink-free, digital fingerprint scans. The beneficiary interview requires careful preparation, including having all required original documents available for the interview.

Follow-to-join refugee beneficiaries, for example, undergo post-approval processing to arrange for sponsorship by a voluntary resettlement agency in the United States upon arrival.

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NOTE: All follow-to-join refugee beneficiaries are required to have a sponsorship assurance from a resettlement agency before travel to the United States in order to receive refugee benefits. The beneficiary also will receive a sealed envelope — called a "travel packet" — containing the documents for review by a DHS immigration official when the beneficiary enters the United States. The officer who conducted the interview will advise the beneficiary about travel arrangements to the United States.

Typically, follow-to-join asylee beneficiaries are instructed to make their own travel arrangements. Travel arrangements for follow-to-join refugee beneficiaries, on the other hand, are required to be arranged and managed by the International Organization for Migration IOM.

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  • Follow-to-join refugee beneficiaries who arrive in the United States without IOM coordination will not receive the reception and placement benefits to which they are entitled. However, the boarding foil does not guarantee entry into the United States.

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