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The Land Records Department of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, is dedicated to ensuring that all persons with legitimate business before the Land Records office will have access to public records.

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Our research room is offered in a library setting where all records are available to the public through a variety of media from hardbound books to digital images. Information is obtained by self-research and copies are readily available for a fee. You should be aware that simply adding someone to a property deed can have very different results depending on the exact words used in the new deed.

Generally, changing the person or people named on a real estate deed changes the ownership of the property. Rather, a new deed is prepared and recorded to show the desired ownership.

This is true when buying or selling property and also when giving away or sharing ownership of property. There are several ways to give others certain rights to your property, and the exact words you use in the deed can have significant results. In some cases, the contractor may enter into a consent agreement and agree to pay a fine or to reimburse money to the homeowner in order to avoid a formal hearing.

If there is a hearing based upon my complaint, do I need to appear at the hearing?

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Yes, whenever the Commission holds a regulatory hearing, it is necessary for the homeowner who filed the complaint to appear and testify in support of the allegations contained in the complaint. If the homeowner does not appear to testify at the hearing, the regulatory charges against the contractor may be dropped, in which case the complaint will be closed. What is the mediation program? The MHIC offers mediation free of charge to homeowners and contractors who are interested in working together to resolve their disputes. With mediation, the parties will meet at a convenient time and location with a trained professional who will listen to both sides and then work to create a solution that benefits each side.

If the parties reach an agreement during mediation, the MHIC will dismiss the complaint. Are complaints part of the public record? Yes, unless the contractor resolves a complaint within 30 days, each complaint is typically part of the public record.

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MHIC does not publish complaints in which the contractor agrees to participate in mediation or complaints that lacks factual or legal merit. Complaints remain part of the contractor's public record for three fiscal years. How do I benefit from filing a complaint? The complaint triggers a regulatory investigation, which may have no direct benefit to the homeowner.

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The homeowner does not directly benefit from this investigation, which is aimed at protecting the public by upholding the professional standards of the home improvement industry in Maryland. However, in some cases, MHIC will work with the homeowner and the contractor to settle a complaint whereby MHIC agrees to not pursue regulatory charges against the contractor if the contractor agrees to reimburse the homeowner for some or all the contract price.

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How can I contact my investigator? Each investigator is assigned approximately 90 complaints; in addition investigators are scheduled to appear in court throughout the State three or four times per week.

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Therefore, the best way to communicate with the investigator assigned to the complaint is by e-mail. Which complaints are a priority for MHIC? MHIC prioritizes complaints that involve: a safety and health issues of the homeowner's primary residence; b elderly or vulnerable homeowners; and c complaints against contractors who have five or more open complaints. Can MHIC force the contractor to come to my house to fix my problems? No, the Commission does not have authority to order a contractor to return to a customer's home to correct or complete a job. However, many times a contractor is willing to fix items in an effort to resolve a homeowner's complaint. The Commission's authority is limited to issuing a fine to a contractor, suspending or revoking a contractor's license following a hearing , and in cases where the homeowner has filed a claim against the Guaranty Fund, awarding a homeowner money from the Guaranty Fund.

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calvert county md public records wills Calvert county md public records wills
calvert county md public records wills Calvert county md public records wills
calvert county md public records wills Calvert county md public records wills
calvert county md public records wills Calvert county md public records wills
calvert county md public records wills Calvert county md public records wills
calvert county md public records wills Calvert county md public records wills
calvert county md public records wills Calvert county md public records wills

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