Obama cant find his birth certificate


But according to at least one lawmaker in the Times report, the subject is all but dead. One senator The Times said listened to Trump rekindle the topic reportedly said Trump had difficulty letting go of his previous assertions. Of those, the so-called birther conspiracy is only one.

Barack Obama releases birth certificate

The Times last weekend reported that Trump recently had tried to cast doubt on the validity of the "Access Hollywood" tape in which he bragged about groping women. He apologized for the tape and acknowledged its authenticity during last year's campaign. Trump has also continually floated the verifiably false theory that he lost the popular vote during the presidential election because of widespread voter fraud. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten.

President Obama, looking like a slightly exasperated teacher still forcing a strained smile, said the issue was a distraction, and that "we do not have time for this kind of silliness" from "sideshows and carnival barkers". Despite sighing he had better things to do such as, it turned out, flying to Chicago for a taping of Oprah he did however bow to the key demand of the "barkers" and produce a verified copy of the long-form of his birth certificate.

Obama makes birth certificate joke

The original "Certificate of Live Birth" was issued at the time of Barack Hussein Obama's arrival by the State of Hawaii at the Kapiolani Hospital, Honolulu, on August 4 , and the short-form has been freely available to anyone who cared to see it for years. It is that version of the certificate that is legally required to get a driver's licence or a passport, or indeed, prove eligibility for elected office. During the presidential campaign, a copy of Obama's "short birth certificate" was framed and kept in the Obama machine's Chicago headquarters - in an attempt to dispel what had already become a widespread internet-based conspiracy theory about his nationality that had spread from fringe blogs to become an issue on mainstream cable news.

It was shown to reporters, and became something of a symbol for all of the dumb things that are claimed in political campaigns.

Slate’s Use of Your Data

But despite that legal proof, some "birthers" refused to accept Obama was American. They tend to believe Obama was either born in his father's homeland Kenya, or his stepfather's native Indonesia, not Hawaii - thus making him constitutionally ineligible to be president of the United States. Earlier this year a Rasmussen poll found almost 20 per cent of Americans think Obama is secretly a foreign-born Muslim.

Those Americans found a vocal champion recently in the form of flamboyant businessman and potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump - whose poll numbers have shot up from just 2 per cent in January, to you'll not be surprised to learn almost 20 per cent today. For the past six weeks or so, Trump has been demanding to see the "long certificate".

Report says Trump can't let go of the Obama birth-certificate conspiracy

He said he'd sent private detectives to Hawaii to look into it, and speculated on Fox News that the unreleased document may prove Obama is a Muslim. Even the Reverend Franklin Graham, the Evangelist son of the Evangelist Billy, joined the chorus just before Easter by asking "why can't he produce [it]? He could, and has, but to understand why he did only after so many months requires a little political time travel.

It's August , the war in Iraq isn't going well and George W Bush's approval ratings have fallen into dangerous territory for a re-election year.

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obama cant find his birth certificate Obama cant find his birth certificate
obama cant find his birth certificate Obama cant find his birth certificate
obama cant find his birth certificate Obama cant find his birth certificate
obama cant find his birth certificate Obama cant find his birth certificate
obama cant find his birth certificate Obama cant find his birth certificate
obama cant find his birth certificate Obama cant find his birth certificate

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