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How Much Does a Criminal Background Check Cost?

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With growth typically comes competition, and with competition usually comes aggressive pricing. The cost of a criminal background check can vary by search type and by screening company aka Consumer Reporting Agency - CRA. This post is to provide an estimate of what employers and landlords can expect to pay when conducting employment and tenant screening.

When estimating the cost of a background check, there are typically two types of expenses that come into play. These are often passed-through to the Employer. If using another vendor, ask for the same. Below is a background screening company's price range estimates for commonly requested background checks.

Below is a range. The cost of a background check will depend on the level of detail you are looking for, as well as the jurisdictions location in which you must search.

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At VeriFirst, we provide complimentary price quotes in a simple easy to read format. When it comes to the cost of a background check, we believe there should be no surprises. I would highly recommend Fresh Start. They did everything they promised, on time and with wonderful customer service. I am very pleased!

David Huffman and his team are top notch. I used them for two cases and they won both. Their prices were reasonable and there service excellent. Highly recommend Fresh Start Law Center to anyone needing this type of assistance. Totally reliable and well worth the money. Huffman was a joy to work with.


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Provide some quick info, and one of our record clearing attorneys will reach out to you right away. Criminal Expungement In Pasadena We are proud to provide our comprehensive selection of criminal record clearing remedies to all residents in Pasadena, California.

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Why Choose Us? More reviews. This search can also use aliases returned during the SSN Trace.

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Price is per candidate and returns results for up to 3 aliases. Search a multi-state sex offender registry that includes hundreds of thousands of offender records nationwide. Use our national network of professional court runners to search at the county level for the most targeted, up-to-date and accurate information, particularly for counties where the records have not been digitized. Searches up to 3 counties based on the results of the SSN Trace. If the SSN Trace does not return 3 associated counties, we automatically check the candidate's current county, based on the address they provided.

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County Court Fees. Search U. Search across the 94 U. Civil records, such as liens and civil judgments, found in upper courts typically involve a greater monetary claim than those in lower courts. Civil records, such as small claims and minor disputes, found in lower courts typically involve a lower monetary claim than those in upper courts.

Criminal record checks. Cheap.

Verify attendance dates, majors, and degrees earned for any high school, college or university in the U. Each Education Verification covers a single school. Verify previous positions, including dates employed and job title. Each Employer Verification covers a single employer. Verify any domestic professional license, including issue date, expiration date, credential title, and current status. Each Professional License Verification covers a single license claim.

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Review financial history insights, including notifications of bankruptcies, unpaid bills from collection agencies, credit and payment history records, and other credit inquiries made on the candidate.

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